CARFAC SASK is a non-profit organization representing visual artists in Saskatchewan. We work to improve the status and well being of artists through research, programs and services, public education, and advocacy. We believe in the visual arts as a profession and we value and respect all artists, their rights, their art forms, and their diversity.



  • Promoting the well-being of practising visual artists resident in Saskatchewan

  • Enhancing the development of the visual arts as a profession

  • Representing visual artists for the advancement of their common interests



CARFAC SASK envisions a society that values and respects artists and their rights and encourages creation, communication, and the interchange of ideas. We are committed to enhancing public understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the artist through research, education and programming, service, and advocacy. We work to improve the status and well being of Saskatchewan visual artists through research, public education, service and advocacy.

We are the only organization that represents the individual visual artist; thus providing a vitally important perspective on issues affecting the making of art, artists rights, intellectual property rights and the status of the artist within our society.

We are committed to the vision of a democratic society which values and respects artists and their rights, encourages creation, communication and the interchange of ideas.

We contribute to, and draw support from, the Canadian visual arts community through the CARFAC National Office. We work together with National and other regional CARFAC representatives to develop guidelines, information, and policies. We believe in the visual arts as profession, and we value and respect all artists, their rights, their art forms and their cultural diversity. We have a strong commitment to public understanding, awareness and appreciation of the artist. Our membership includes students, practising visual artists, artists from other disciplines, museums and art galleries, educational institutions, and other individuals and organizations with an interest in visual art.

CARFAC SASK offers a wide range of services and programming directed specifically at Saskatchewan's visual artists and their development. Our offices and resource centres are currently located in Regina and Saskatoon, with access through telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, internet, provincial toll-free telephone and walk-in.

CARFAC SASK serves a vital advocacy role within the cultural community, through our active involvement in organizations such as SaskCulture, the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance and the Canadian Conference of the Arts. We consult regularly with other provincial agencies, including the Ministry of Tourism, Parks, Culture & Sport of the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Arts Board.